Here are some of our other projects and inventions. Some you will get in the future, but probably not all will make it to the market. 

If you are interested in one of our projects then you are welcome to contact us, we are open to any suggestion.

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it"

LBFS LASER SYSTEM impulse laser system
HIGH PRESSURE SCREEN BOTTLE special case for high pressure
CONDENSATION VACUUM PUMP High performance vacuum pump
TOUCH HANDLE Open door with a touch
IPW - WELDING PROCESS Superfast plastic welding process
HE STIRLING GENERATOR High efficiency stirling generator
LEVITATION TURBINE Turbine completely without friction
MU - GENERATOR Shielding generator technology
SCATTERING REFLEX SIGHT Every target is hit with surely
PHASE CHANGE FLOOR Floor witch store energy
NANO DIALYSIS DEVICE A fast and efficient blood purification
DRONE WITH FOLLOW TRANSMITTER tracking function and swivel wing
3D-PHONE INCREASOR Everything on your smartphone in 3D
MPF - ENCODING The securest encryption on the world
POWER BAG Electrical energy always there
SLEEP CHARGE BOX Protectes from EMF radiation
SMT- POWERBANK Get the energy from the environment
OCB - ONCE CAMEL BAG Disposable drinking bag for outdoors
MAGNETIC BATTERY Modular magnetic batteries
USB CHARGING CONTROLLER monitors and protects your USB devices

"The ideas are not responsible for what people make of them." 

Werner Heisenberg